About the Center

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The Center was founded in 1974 in order to further the development of opportunities to study Asia (South, Central, Southeast, and East) at San José State University.  To achieve these ends the Center has had these goals: (1) to coordinate and develop programs and activities under academic departments, student affairs offices, student organizations, etc., (2) to provide advice and counsel to students interested in Asia, (3) to develop resource collections, (4) to assist faculty in identifying research activities and funding sources, and (5) to investigate sources for funding development of programs and/or research activities as well as to act as an official agency to which funds can be assigned.

Soon after its founding, an Asian Studies Minor Program was established.  At this same time, the Center's key federally funded service was created: the East Asian Regional Materials and Resources Center (EARMARC). Notable programs established over the years include the Major and Minor Programs in Chinese and Japanese language.  Like the Asian Studies Minor Program, these are operated by the College of Humanities and the Arts, and the Center itself is an "Organized Research Unit" answering to the Dean of the College of Humanities and the Arts.

The many Asian area specialists in this and other Colleges of the University maintain contact with each other through the Center's efforts.  The Center's physical facilities are limited to the room in which the EARMARC collection is stored, along with a small library of books and periodicals on Asia and a desk.  The Center Director and the EARMARC Director donate their time and occupy standard faculty offices apart from the Center's facilities.

EARMARC (East Asian Regional Materials and Resources Center)

EARMARC Director: Professor Xiaojia Hou

EARMARC provides audio-visual materials for high school and college students in Northern California.  The video and film library currently holds about 200 videos and reels, most of which are related to China or Japan.  The collection also includes slide sets and audio materials.  Almost all areas of East Asian society and culture are covered.  Items are available on request to teachers in a university, college, or secondary school in Northern California as long as they are to be used for educational purposes.  As a special incentive to use the center's services, a free, comprehensive catalog of EARMARC resources is provided on request.  Also, EARMARC's holdings can be searched through the Online Catalog of the SJSU Library (from on or off campus).