Academic Advising

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What TRIO Academic Advising All About

TRIO Advising StaffTRIO (SSS) participants have access to an academic advisor that focuses on personalized academic planning to ensure their success at SJSU. In addition to creating educational roadmaps, the advisors work closely with their students to connect them with support resources such as:

  • Major/Career exploration
  • Scheduling classes
  • Student advocacy
  • Scholarship search
  • Assistance with resume writing
  • Support in finding solutions to personal concerns and academic problems for all ASPIRE students
  • Making appropriate referrals to other SJSU resources
  • One-on-one sessions with an advisor; 1 hour appointments; three times per semester or as needed for all ASPIRE students.Information on campus resources, policies and procedures for all ASPIRE students.

Where is Academic Advising?

TRIO Advising OfficesAcademic advising will be located in our program's office. The information for specifics would be available via the Contact Us - Office Information page.

Schdeuling an Online Meeting:
You will recieve an email from Calendly and Google Calendar event with a zoom link attached to each. Please join 5 minutes early before your meeting with your advisor. 

Schdeuling an In-person Meeting (prefered option):
When you arrive at the office, please sign-in at the front desk and notify a desk staff assistant. Afterwards your advisor will come meet with you for your meeting.