21 Month Program

Students will pay fees for four semesters and one summer. The fees below are effective starting fall 2024, with a 5% increase each fall through fall 2028.

  • $8,893 for fall or spring 
  • $1,545 for summer

All students have completed their coursework within 21 months.

The total units needed to complete the program is 36 units.

Financial Aid

Most students in the MBT program obtain loans for graduate studies or work during the program. Please see the financial aid website for additional details. 

Financial Aid Resources


Students typically work during the day since courses are in the evening. While on campus students can either work in industry, as a teaching assistant (apply through the Biological Sciences Department), or various positions on campus.  International students may work on campus the first year and may work off-campus in their second year with a CPT.  International students will need to check with ISSS regarding any employment to ensure their visa requirements are satisfied.

Some teaching assistant positions are available. Please apply through the Department of Biological Sciences. The positions are competitive and you must apply during the prior semester to be considered.