Co-Directors of 2022-2025 Term

CHAN, Rebecca

Executive Committee

(2019-2022 Term)

  • CHAN, Rebecca (Co-Chair)
  • MOU, Bo
  • SANCHEZ, Carlos (Co-Chair)
  • VAIDYA, Anand

Advisory Board (2019-2022)

[The incumbent Dean of the College of Humanities and the Arts and the incumbent Chair of the Philosophy Department, former Directors of the CCP, and other invited faculty and staff from the Department, College and University along with community representatives (if any)]

  • MILLER, Shannon / Dean of the College of Humanities and the Arts (the ex officio)
  • STEMWEDEL, Janet / Chair of the Philosophy Department (the ex officio)
  • MOU, Bo (CCP Founding Director, 2007-2013 & 2019-2022)
  • VAIDYA, Anand (CCP Director, 2013-2019)

CCP Faculty Members

Philosophy Faculty Members

  • BROWN, Étienne
  • BROWN, Karin
  • CHAN, Rebecca
  • MOU, Bo 
  • SANCHEZ, Carlos
  • VAIDYA, Anand

Faculty Members from Other Departments

  • HOU, Xiaojia (Department of History)
  • [To be announced]

CCP Associate Members

Emeritus Faculty

  • JOCHIM, Christian (Humanities / Emeritus)
  • PHAN, Chanh Cong (Humanities / Emeritus)

Other Interested Members

  • LIN, Ginny (Philosophy Alumna)
  • [To be announced]