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Welcome to ChAD!

Our programs in Child and Adolescent Development provide a well-rounded curriculum that incorporates theory, research, policy, and practice. The course of study includes: a command of various theories and milestones of human development; an appreciation of the influences of parents, peers, teachers, social institutions, and other socializing agents on all domains of development throughout childhood and adolescence; an appreciation of the importance of issues of equity including the special considerations relevant to cultural and ethnic diversity; an awareness of effects of different child-rearing practices or conditions on the fulfillment of development promise (e.g., parenting styles, day care, divorce, child abuse); and understanding of individual differences (e.g., learning styles, differing abilities) and how to accommodate them; and a sensitivity to the commonalties and diversities in people of all ages.

 Faculty News

ChAD Faculty Janet Bang We are pleased to welcome Dr. Janet Bang to the Child and   Adolescent Development department as an Assistant Professor in   Fall 2020! Dr. Bang received her PhD in Communication Sciences   and Disorders from McGill University and spent three years as a   Postdoctoral Fellow at Stanford University. Her research program   is committed to investigating how children learn language from   their everyday interactions. Her work takes a developmental   approach and has included families from a variety of diverse   backgrounds such as English-, French-, and Spanish-speaking families, as well as families with typically-developing children and children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Her goal for her research and teaching is to build an understanding of child development that is true to the rich array of individual and cultural differences within and across diverse communities. She is dedicated to using her research to empower families and educators with new insights into how to support children's development.

ChAD Faculty Cara Maffini Congratulations Dr. Cara Maffini on your promotion to Associate   Professor! Dr. Maffini's research encompasses intersections of   culture, mental health, and trauma particularly among adolescents   and emerging adults with a focus on underserved populations. She   has three main lines of research: (a) understanding psychosocial,   cultural, and developmental protective and risk factors associated   with trauma (e.g., violence, victimization, and campus safety); (b)   examining refugee experiences and intergenerational transmission   of trauma; and (c) examining bicultural and biracial experiences   and identity development. Grounded in her training in counseling   psychology, Cara's research serves to inform campus      and community-based intervention and prevention programs.

SJSU ChAD Faculty Nadia Sorkhabi Congratulations Dr. Nadia Sorkhabi on your promotion to Full   Professor! Dr. Sorkhabi studies how parenting patterns and specific   parenting practices affect parent-child conflict, adolescent   disclosure, and developmental outcomes such as academic   achievement, self-concept, mental health, and social competence   of children, adolescents, and emerging adults. A central aspect of   her research is to study different cultures and understudied ethnic   groups in the United States. Dr. Sorkhabi also studies cultural   similarities and differences in moral reasoning of adolescents,   emerging adults, and adults about justice, care, and human rights.


Undergraduate Advisement Appointments

Undegraduate students are encouraged to meet with an advisor at least once a semester. If you are a declared ChAD major or would like to becone a ChAD major, you can schedule an advising appointment with our ChAD Undergraduate Major Advisors by clicking the "Get Advising" button below or logging onto Spartan Connect. Take a look at our Undergraduate Advising page for more information.

Get Advising

Graduate Advisement Appointments

Graduate students are encouraged to meet with the Graduate Coordinator, Dr. Nadia Sorkhabi. Please email her at to request for an appointment. General questions about the ChAD Graduate MA program can be found here.

Part-Time Faculty Employment

The Department of Child & Adolescent Development (ChAD) at San Jose State University is often seeking qualified lecturers to teach ChAD courses during the fall and spring semesters.  We are particularly interested in staffing the following courses:  Contemporary Parenting, Risk and Resilience; Social and Emotional Development; Child and Adolescent Motivation; and Contextual Influences on Cognitive Development.  See the SJSU catalog for brief descriptions of these courses (see catalog descriptions). 

If you hold an MA, Ph.D., or Ed.D. in Child Development, Psychology, Education, or a related field, email your CV along with a note indicating which of the courses we offer you are prepared to teach to Emily Slusser, Department Chair at