ChAD faculty

In addition to being committed teachers, Child and Adolescent Development (ChAD) faculty members are active researchers whose work represents a broad range of interests across the discipline of child development. Our staff are focused on helping students achieve their goals.

Department Chair

Emily Slusser, Ph.D.

Faculty Directory

Janet Bang, Ph.D.

Donna Bee-Gates, Ph.D.

Sylvia Branca, Ph.D.

Toni Campbell, Ph.D.

Krissy Connell

Mary Conroy

Joy Foster

Jessica Fraser

Maria Fusaro, Ed.D.

Dina Izenstark, Ph.D.

John Jabagchourian, Ph.D.

Roshini Joseph

Sudha Kaul, Ph.D

Janet Kitajima

Robin Love, Ph.D.

Cara Maffini, Ph.D.

Jila Maleksalehi, Ed.D

Robert Marx, Ph.D.

Ravisha Mathur, Ph.D.

Mary McVey, Ph.D.

Danielle Mead, Ph.D.

Ellen Middaugh, Ph.D.

Adam Nilsen

Teresa O'Donnell-Johnson, Ph.D.

Paula Oakes

Jennifer Pearlman

Laura Pirazzi

Amita Shah

Maureen Smith, Ph.D.

Meghna Soni

Nadia Sorkhabi, Ph.D.

Kim Tsai, Ph.D

Recent Faculty Highlights

Dr. Jila Maleksalehi and Dr. Robert Marx co-organized the SJSU x REP4 Learner Design Summit, which convened high school, community college, and university students to to collaborate and design creative proposals to address existing challenges in the higher education system.

Dr. Ellen Middaugh was selected by the SJSU Office of Research and Innovation to receive the Early Career Investigator Award. Dr. Middaugh and her team of Student Research Assistants – George Franco, Kristen Huey, and Kristina Smith – research how youth utilize social media platforms to empower their voices, promote community and encourage civic engagement.  Watch the recognition video above that was shown during the SJSU Celebration of Research.