Campus Security Authorities

Students walking in front of Caesar Chavez Monement

Campus Security Authorities are Key to Campus Safety Efforts

The U.S. Department of Education recognizes that individuals may prefer to disclose their awareness of, or experience with Clery-reportable incidents to campus officials other than law enforcement. This is why colleges and universities must designate Campus Security Authorities. These are individuals and offices associated with the university that, due to their job function and responsibilities, must promptly report Clery crimes to the institution that are brought to their direct attention while in their capacity as a Campus Security Authority. There are four specific groups of individuals and offices described below that generally meet the standard to be designated as Campus Security Authorities.

University Police Department (UPD)

All individuals who work for UPD are Campus Security Authorities.

Individuals Outside of the University Police Department that Have Responsibility for Campus Security

This includes individuals that monitor building access, are contracted to provide security at SJSU events and more!

Individuals and Offices Identified as Reporting Options in the Annual Security Report 

Various options for students and employees to report criminal incidents are identified in the Annual Security Report.

SJSU Officials with Significant Responsibility for Student and Campus Activities