The Institute for People and Performance (IPP), housed in San Jose State University’s Lucas College and Graduate School of Business is a center of excellence aimed at advancing knowledge of human capital management, through a combination of training, research, and engagement with industry and professional organizations.

IPP seeks to create a community in which students, scholars, and industry professionals can engage by focusing on the following components:

Educating students, alumni and members of the local community to enhance their employability and success in the workplace, by offering human resource training and
workshops. We offer SHRM Certification preparatory courses and SHRM Recertification  seminars.

SHRM Certification       
  SHRM Recertification  


Training Programs and support to Silicon Valley companies, specifically in the area of human capital management and people analytics; and more broadly in the area of management development.

  Training Programs 

Our Faculty, will partner with you to solve your pressing human capital challenges.