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Would it be helpful to have a history of the word "antisemitism"

What does it mean to be Jewish in America today? These 13 people were asked. 

Are Jews a Race? That's an age-old question, and here are some thoughts.

How do you feel (Jewishly) about human composting?  

Have you heard the terms Mizrachi and Sephardic Jews but aren't sure what they mean? Here's a clear explanation from MyJewishLearning.  

What is the history of the Jewish Reform movement? Mostly an American movement, its origins were in 19th-century Germany.

Steven Spielberg (see his autobiographical movie  "The Fabelmans"--good movie; box office flop, oh well) taught us about Oskar Schindler's WWII heroism saving Jews in Germany; this essay will fill you in on the story of Aristides de Sousa Mendes's daring rescue of thousands.

And if you have even more time on your hands... read up about these Ukrainian Jews.


Jewish news selections

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It's baseball season!! Here's all there is to know (well, not really) about Jewish baseball players

A new Jewish basketball player! not new to basketball; new to being Jewish!

White supremacists in San Jose: a man who threatened a journalist arrested; a former San Jose firefighter speaks up in a civil suit against her boss.

I thought I could get away from local anti-Semitism as a focus here, but it keeps rearing its head. Here's the latest on the Hayward teacher, now suspended for promoting anti-Semitic texts. Notice that it took media attention for the school district to take action. I'll update as I learn more.

You might be interested to follow the now-active governor-appointed Holocaust and genocide education council.   

And where are things now in Israel? Netanyahu pauses judicial reforms; one opinion about what pushed him to do so: military refusals.