Connect with Other Students

Peer Connections Peer Mentors serve as guides to the university experience, supporting and empowering all SJSU students during their academic and social adjustment to SJSU. Peer Mentors are among the best, brightest, and most diverse SJSU students. They have been through the college transition and know some of the challenges you may be facing. You can make an appointment for a one on one meeting.


Connect with Alumni and Other Professionals:

Quick Connections (available year round, including summer)

SJSU² Quick Connectionsconnects alumni and other professional mentors with SJSU student mentees for one-time interactions (virtually or in person) focused on a set of specific career exploration questions developed by the mentee.

  • To log in go to SJSU² Quick Connections 

  • Current students, click on SJSU SSO.

  • Alumni and other professional mentors, sign in via LinkedIn or email.

  • Complete your profile or connect and load your LinkedIn profile. 


Connect with Alumni: Professional Mentoring & Meetups Program

*Alumni/Other Industry Professional Mentor registration for Spring 2020 is January 2nd - February 3rd

**Student registration for Spring 2020 is February 4th - February 25th

The SJSU² Professional Mentoring & Meetups Program connects alumni and professional mentors with SJSU student mentees to support career exploration and build purposeful connections. 

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What is the difference between an advisor, a tutor, and a mentor?

Advisors and/or counselors are professional campus staff that offer skilled guidance on personal, academic, and career-development questions.  Check out the Advising Hub for a comprehensive list of free SJSU advising and counseling resources.

Tutors guide you to understand course concepts and develop the strategies and skills you need to be successful in your courses and academic pursuits.  Check out the Tutoring Hub for a comprehensive list of free SJSU tutoring resources.

Mentors share their expertise and experiences to help you make the most of your university experience and prepare for the college-to-career transition.


I am faculty/staff, how do I get involved?

Faculty/Staff are welcome to sign-up as mentors for Quick Connections (one-time career conversations). Alternatively, you can add SJSU² Quick Connections as an informational interviewing assignment for your class, or ask your industry contacts (alumni and non-alumni) to sign-up as mentors. If you have questions or need support on how to outreach to alumni and other industry professional, please contact