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Third Wednesday Workshops

Past Events

How to Raise Capital for Your Company

The Apr. 15 workshop focused on strategies for raising capital: what types of money you can raise, how to talk to investors and/or banks, and the process.

How to Build a Startup Funding Strategy

The Feb. 15 workshop featured more advice from Sam Wong, CEO of Fundable Startups, on how to increase startup payout by raising funds strategically.

Raising Pre-Seed/Seed Startup Funds

The Jan. 18 workshop featured Sam Wong, CEO of Fundable Startups, sharing his advice on raising pre-seed / seed startup funds.

The VC Playbook

The Nov. 16 workshop featured three starup and venture capital veterans who shared their expertise on finding and being prepared to achieve equity financing.

Filing Patent Applications

The Oct. 19 workshop covered detalis of filing provisional and non-proficional patent applications with speakers from the USPTO.

Intellectual Property Protection

The Sep. 21 workshop featured an overview of intellectual property protection with a speakers from the USPTO and a local patent attorney.

AR Factoring/ Finance

The Aug. 17 workshop featured MarbleBridge Funding, discussing Accounts Receivable finance/factoring and how it can help businesses.

Design for Manufacturing

The Jul. 20 workshop featured PortLabs, discussing the design process: how to set parameters, scope the project and build an execution plan.

16 Startups

On Jul. 18, SJSU and the SBDC, along with SmartGate VC and HyeTech hosted 16 startups from Eastern Europe. 

EmPowered to Serve

The Jun. 15 workshop featured the American Heart Assn. discussing their Business Accelerator Grants and health equity.