Launching Fall 2024: Certificate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

NEW 9-unit (3 course) Certificate in Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Imagine opening your own art studio or launching your own app related to health or the environment! Open to non-business and business majors, this 9-unit (3 course) program offers hands-on training in innovation & entrepreneurship. Enroll in BUS5 181 & VLAB this Fall to fast-track your certificate by spring! To make your dreams a reality right away, start with VLAB this fall, a course where you'll receive mentorship from real-life entrepreneurs and innovators to launch your innovation project or startup successfully by the end of the course.

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International Business Concentration

If you see your future career as a call to adventure, the International Business concentration may be for you. The concentration provides a broad base of business courses and additional coursework focused on global business. As a graduate, you will be well prepared for a career with a global business or organization. Your further marketability will depend on your personal characteristics, your life experience, and your academic performance in the International Business concentration. Employing companies or organizations then provide further training necessary for the job. An undergraduate degree in International Business is not a professional degree or one that targets a specific job. Rather, it is an excellent base on which to build.


If you have a drive for innovation and the passion to create a new business or add value to an existing business, the Concentration in Entrepreneurship is an excellent choice for you. With an entrepreneurship degree from San José State University, you will have the fundamental skills and analytical tools across different business functions that are necessary to start a new business. You will also gain a global perspective of entrepreneurship and an insight into how to cope with change in a rapidly evolving environment due to global competition, new technology, and changing customer requirements. Learn more about the Entrepreneurship Concentration.

Operations and Supply Chain Management

This concentration will prepare you for working in an increasingly diverse and globalized business environment. You will have an opportunity to learn about everything from Supply Chain and Materials Management to Global Operations Strategy, all of which are highly valuable skills in a successful multi-national business. Management in global operations has been an increasing trend the past few decades. With multi-national companies growing annually at an exponential rate, there is a demand for managers who can navigate the complexities and challenges of global operations. By earning a degree in Operations and Supply Chain Management, it can lead to high paying salaries and a career enriched with experience interacting with worldwide enterprises.

Interdisciplinary Global Leadership and Innovation Minor

The 15-credit minor (five 3-credit courses) will provide a comprehensive, yet flexible, curriculum that includes theory, skill development, and practical application. The minor is unique in several ways. First, no other university offers a minor that combines global leadership and innovation, despite the growing calls by employers and educators for students who possess skills and knowledge in both areas. Second, SJSU is the only university with a global leadership course that functions like the assessment centers found in industry via diagnosis and extensive personalized feedback on their global skills. Third, the minor includes a team social innovation project, based on the analysis of a complex global problem, that impacts social needs as well as an individual student-designed innovative leadership project. Finally, the minor develops both leadership and global leadership competencies in students and prepares them for the type of global work and diverse workplaces that typify the Silicon Valley. Even when organizations do not see themselves as global, their diverse work force and customers/clients make a global mindset and global leadership competencies essential.