SJSU Bucket List

Students taking a photo at the Shark Tank in the SAP center.

What makes the San José State experience so unique? From classic off-campus hangouts to blue-and-gold-steeped traditions, the SJSU Bucket List is comprised of ways to prove you’re a true Spartan. Make sure to cross things off your list before you celebrate your graduation at our Commencement ceremonies

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Item  Activity
♥ 1 Help out a fellow Spartan
♥ 2 Put Orange Sauce on everything
♥ 3 Wear or decorate your Zoom background blue and gold for Spartan Pride Thursdays
♥ 4 Take a photo with Sammy, a campus squirrel, or Tower Hall!
♥ 5 Learn the SJSU soundtrack: S-J-S-U cheer, fight song and alma mater 
♥ 6 Learn about and Take a Stand with Tommie Smith and John Carlos at the Victory Salute statue. 
♥ 7 Phil up at Philz or Get your Boba on?
♥ 8 Do a “workout of the week” with Spartan Recreation
♥ 9 Discover the secret art throughout King Library and downtown San Jose
♥ 10 Ramen or Pho?