Events and Programs

Community Calendar

Visit our Google Community Calendar to find upcoming events hosted by student organizations, The BLOC, and the African American Studies Department, as well as other community events.

Academic and Student Success Programs

Our academic programs are outlined below. Please click the individual events for descriptions and media associated with the particular event.

New Black Spartan Institute

Virtual week long experience: August 9th - 13th (FA 21 Confirmed dates)

Purpose: To prepare incoming Black Spartans to SJSU by connecting them with the larger Black Spartan community as well as resources from various campus departments

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand university resources and policies to help navigate with the Black First Year Experience as well as the SJSU system [Spartan Connect]
  • Apply Black/African American American centered content knowledge to understand contemporary issues applicable to the collegiate experience.
  • Identify and connect with senior leadership in the Division of Student Affairs, Black Faculty/Staff, BAM Peer Mentors, Black student organizations, as well as community allies and groups. 

Register to attend HERE

Black Scholars Floor Community

The Black Scholars Community is an open community designed to provide leadership, guidance, mentorship, community and a space for those who are a part of or in support of the Black Community at San Jose State University.

Black Scholars Community Goals:

  • Build strong peer relationships within the Black Scholars Community, San Jose State University, and the San Jose community.
  • Learn about campus resources (both academic and personal) as well as how to utilize them.
  • Explore Black identity development and gain a better understanding of your own identity.
  • Gain knowledge about issues facing this community while developing skills to assist in creating a socially just campus and world.

Location: Joe West Hall; 11th Floor

What are the requirements to live on the floor? See HERE for more information!

Sankofa Black Spartan Professional Mentoring Program

The Sankofa Black Spartan Professional Mentorship Program seeks to positively impact Black student success at SJSU by connecting new students with professional mentors from a diverse array of fields in addition to faculty and staff mentors. By providing comprehensive academic and professional support, this program seeks to uplift and empower students through the entirety of their time as Spartans.


  • To provide professional/career support as well as academic support for incoming students
  • To enhance Black students’ personal, professional and academic development
  • To positively impact Black student retention rates, internship and post-graduation success, as well as their overall experience at SJSU 

Looking for a Mentor? Complete the application HERE

Become a Mentor: Complete the application HERE

Faculty-Led Study Away/Abroad Program

Each year the BLOC will partner with the African American Studies Department to take a group of students on a study away or study abroad experience to expose them to Black cultures and histories outside of California, and possibly outside of the United States. The 2020 opportunity to New Orleans will be the first iteration of this collaborative experience. Please visit the Study Abroad program website for more information.

Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP)

Interested in Research? 

The brand new Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP) is an exciting opportunity for students to engage in research and mentorship opportunities with SJSU faculty in your discipline or project of interest. 

Who Can Participate? 

In this pilot year, UROP will be accepting first year students, second year students, and new transfer students from the following colleges: 

  • College of Social Science
  • College of Humanities and Arts
  • College of Education
  • College of Health and Human Sciences
  • Undecided with a non-STEM focus

For more information on this year-long experience please visit the link HERE

Student Professor Connections

In conjunction with the Chicanx/Latinx Student Success Center, this dinner serves as a great opportunity for students to connect with other students and professors, get to know them on a deeper level, and help faculty better understand how they can best support the diverse and unique Latinx and African-American/Black student community at SJSU. This completely free event for students provides a time to enjoy great conversation while and a delicious meal with the professors of your courses.

Community Recognition and Awards

Celebration of Black Excellence

This program is in it's second year, and is designed to acknowledge and recognize the accomplishments of Black/African American students, both academically and as student leaders at San Jose State University. The program also recognizes the accomplishments of Faculty, Staff, and individuals in the community who have played an integral part in the success of Black/African American students and the Black Leadership and Opportunity Center (The BLOC). We highly encourage you to take time and Nominate someone as well as Register for this years event!

Black Grad

Black Grad is an annual celebration of our Black student graduates from SJSU. Each year in May we honor our Black undergraduate and graduate students receiving degrees for that calendar year. This amazing occasion offers a chance for friends, family, and loved-ones to gather and celebrate all of their student’s accomplishments while creating a culturally immersive experience. It’s definitely something that you don’t want to miss if you are graduating. If you would like to participate in Black Grad, please complete the 2023 Black Grad Participant form. Parents, Families, Friends, Community members and Faculty/Staff, and support networks should get your tickets in advance for this event HERE

Social/Community Programs

Our social-based community programs are outlined below. 

Black Community Welcome

This program takes place in the fall semester for our community to connect with student organizations, on-campus departments, and local Black owned businesses.

Black Spartan Leadership Retreat

Our retreat is in collaboration with the African American Studies department to bring our community together for a weekend of fellowship and fun. This program creates a framework for the energy we want to bring back to our community.

Harambee Black Community Dinner

The Black community of students, faculty, and staff all come together to break bread before the holidays begin. This dinner is an opportunity for our vast diaspora to be represented and connect through food. This program also allows us to address the community at large about our goals and plans for the current academic year.

Black Student Conferences

Our student conferences are an opportunity to revamp our community and engage students by creating stronger bonds, community connections, and providing our students with the tools they need to be successful.

Black Womxn’s Forum

The inaugural Black Womxn’s Forum was hosted on Saturday, November 2, 2019. We chose to celebrate the spectrum of womxnhood to be represented with “x”. In sisterhood, womxn spoke about our growth, triumphs, and positively impacting our sisters around campus.

Afrikan Black Coalition Conference (ABC)

This is a state-wide conference hosted by ABC organizers to bring Black Student Unions (BSU) from across California together during Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend to empower and connect our students across California. The SJSU BSU has been recognized as a delegation since 2019. The BLOC works in conjunction with the BSU to send a large group of students to this conference each year.

Recurring Programs

Our center is dedicated to creating more opportunities for select communities to engage with each other.

Late Night Tuesdays

Every Tuesday night from 7pm - 9pm, we will be watching a movie, a television show, or listening to a podcast, in an effort to build community, strengthen relationships, and celebrate our culture through media and entertainment.

Tuesday Talks

Once a month on Tuesday, Black professors across campus will be invited to talk to our students about their research in a new way. Professors may use media to further expand on their research to dialogue with students. This program is meant to feel informal compared to a traditional class setting. Are you a Faculty member interested in this opportunity to engage students? Complete the form HERE!