SJSU is Elluminated!

SJSU has licensed the Elluminate interactive learning tool for use by the campus. To set up an Elluminate session you will need a moderator account. Moderator accounts are available to faculty and staff.

How to Get a New SJSU Elluminate Moderator Account

Contact Alfred Eclipse of the Academic Technology Network to get a new SJSU Elluminate Moderator Account. His email is alfred.eclipse@sjsu.edu, Telephone - 408.924.2677.

What is Elluminate and What it Takes to be a Successful User

Elluminate is interactive, information sharing software that includes audio, web video and application sharing. Elluminate Live! is a real-time e-Learning and web collaboration environment accessed through a web browser. This enables instructors and students/participants to interact and collaborate in real time to add synchronous content to asynchronous distance learning or combine blended online/on-site learning activities. It engages more people in more ways to promote active learning and improve student performance. For more information about Elluminate, visit www.elluminate.com.

Successful usage of Elluminate for both instructor and students/participants benefits from an understanding and knowledge of and practice with the Elluminate's system interface/process. Therefore, it is highly recommended to do the following before embarking on Elluminate use:

For a tutorial on using Elluminate, click here or attend one of the Center for Faculty Development sessions.

Visit our Knowledge Base/Resources page for more information on using Elluminate.