Webcasting Support - Instructor's Start Page

Lamposts casting shadows on students

What is Webcasting?

Using the ATN streaming media network, we webcast classes and events live over the internet and archive webcasts for later viewing.

How Do We Do It?

We capture and compress video and audio from a TV Classroom to create a streaming media file that can be viewed on the internet.

The software we use for capturing and compressing video and audio is Flash Media. We use the Flash Server to deliver the live or archive webcast onto the internet.

How Do Your Students View a Webcast?

Your students can view a webcast in two ways:

  1. They must have the Flash Player installed on their computer and an internet connection.
  2. Go to our ATN “Webcasting” (Live or Archive) links page and select the class they want to view or go to the instructor's web page.