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After you perform a search, select extended view to see which videos are available from the "IRC" Classroom Technology Support collection. Click on the titles of the media you are interested in and make note of the call number.

Videotapes with a "T" call number prefix are available for viewing through our video distribution system at the Instructional Resource Center. They are not available for checkout. You can reserve these tapes to be viewed in your class based on your playback reservation with us .

Videotapes with an "X" call number prefix are located in the Media Services checkout collection on the first floor of the Instructional Resource Center.

These tapes may be checked out for preview - or - for use with your own VCR. If you prefer that your class view these tapes through our Distribution System, we will (based on your playback reservation with us) secure the videotape for that use.

Library materials with an "F" call number prefix are films, not videotapes. Please call 924-2888 to arrange projection service, or stop by the Media Services counter on the first floor of the Instructional Resource Center.

All other tapes belong to various special collections or the public library. If you wish to use these resources then you must check them out and return them to these collections.

Tapes that have Closed-Captioning for hearing impaired may be decoded upon request.

If you want to use advance search features please read through the Advanced Search page before conducting a search.

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