Balancing Work and Life for Faculty

SJSU is committed to helping faculty members balance the responsibilities of their professional and personal lives. Our investment in faculty is a long-term endeavor dependent on our ability to attract and retain the best faculty. Our success in recruiting and retaining outstanding faculty members depends on a culture that values and supports both their work and family needs.

Over the course of their academic careers, many faculty members will need to respond to events in their personal lives such as the birth of a child, personal illness, disability, or elder care that necessitate greater flexibility from the University. This emphasis on flexibility is embodied in our policies and practices and serves to meet the needs of our increasingly diverse faculty. Our institutional flexibility will strengthen commitment, engagement, and morale for all of our faculty members.

As part of the ACE/Sloan project, we have compiled a handbook which we hope will help faculty members and chairs develop proactive strategies to address work-life balance issues as they arise.

The Center for Faculty Development has many resources and information as well. Click here for more information.