Business Plans


Business plans are a fiscal management and planning tool requested of all campus self-supporting operations that are dependent upon earning income. Entities are asked to submit an updated business plan annually to highlight the financial position of the fund(s)/operation.

Presently, business plans are required for:

  • Administration & Finance self-supporting operations
  • Athletics Operations
  • Early Start Program
  • Facilities, Development & Operations self-supporting operations
  • Frosh Orientation Program
  • International and Extended Studies
  • Information Technology Services self-supporting operations
  • Student Health Center
  • Transfer Orientation Program
  • University Housing
  • University Parking Services

Most of the guidelines provided for People Budgeting and Minimum Levels of Budgeting are consistent with the guidelines for business plans, except that self-supporting operations are required to cover all the costs related to salaries and benefits, including compensation increases.

In addition to providing fiscal year budget information, business plans should also include references to operational and/or organizational changes and adjustments. Please see the current year Call Letter and Business Plan Assumptions Guide for more detail on projected changes for salary adjustments, benefits, and student enrollment data. Also included in the guide is a sample narrative that highlights significant information and changes.

The Budget Office can provide a financial template for self-supporting operations that do not already have a template in use for displaying financial information.

Budgets for self-supporting operations are maintained in CFS. Each year, adjustments to the prior year’s budget are entered via a base budget upload template. The adjusted budget becomes the following year’s recorded budget, which matches the business plan.