Temporary Appointment Funding Changes


Temporary funding changes are set up if an appointment is for one fiscal year (July-June) or less than one year.

Email the Employee Profile Form (PDF) to finance-support@sjsu.edu when temporary changes are made.  For instructions on running an employee profile, see Employee Profile from PeopleSoft (PDF) process guide.


Completing the Employee Profile

When completing the Employee Profile (PDF), the following information should be reflected in the fields found under the heading Funding Current, Change To:

  1. Chartfield:  Changes to DeptID, Fund, Class, Project
  2. Pct (%):  The percentage total must equal 100%
  3. Start & End dates: list the specific start and end dates of the appointment.
  4. Signature
    • For non-academic departments, obtain Department Manager approval
    • For academic departments, obtain either the Dean’s Office or AVP approval