Trust Funds


For trust funds other than the CSU Operating Fund, departments must budget for benefit costs. There is no University Benefit Pool for trust funds. When developing and/or reviewing trust fund budgets, departments should estimate the benefit rate using the current year actual financial data and any anticipated personnel changes. Rather than separately budgeting each individual benefit, make adjustments to the Benefits-Others account, 603090.

Certain categories of Salary and Wages (i.e., Temporary Help, Student Assistants, Graduate Assistants, Teaching Associates, Overtime) have minimal or no staff benefits costs. For those who receive Shift Differential stipends, the benefit rate consists of OASDI, Medicare, and Retirement, exception to Unit 8 (Police) who does not pay into OASDI.

Employer’s benefit cost is determined by bargaining unit. CALPERS Retirement rate changes are generally effective on July 1st. Others changes, such as changes in health and dental premiums, occur on January 1st (calendar year). For any changes that take place on January 1st, campuses will see the adjustment in December, so seven (7) months should be calculated at the new rate.

Current year benefits changes can be found on the CSU Human Resources Coded Memo .