Charter of the Steering Committee


The purpose of the Business Continuity Steering Committee (BCSC) is to create a planning structure that will enable the University to craft an enterprise Business Continuity Plan that ensures that the campus is able to continue business operations after a major disruption occurs. Principle tasks of BCSC are:

  1. To represent their respective operational areas and give oversight over the function of developing a Business Continuity Plan at SJSU.
  2. To identify critical enterprise business processes that must be protected.
  3. To ensure that campus departments utilize the standard tools, templates and techniques that will be provided to them to build their individual plans for business continuity.
  4. To collect individual plans for business continuity in their respective operational areas, and finalize and submit them for consolidation into the campus wide Plan.
  5. To serve as a focal point for communications and discussions concerning business continuity and the planning process.

Value Statement

The Business Continuity Steering Committee will promote a coordinated Business Continuity Program for San Jose State University; provide a network for sharing information and resources; and encourage high quality, cost-effective planning efforts for campus departments.


  1. Serve as the leaders for the development and review of the enterprise business continuity plan.
  2. Function as the University's focal point for business continuity issues and standards.
  3. Function as an advocate of BCP to their respective operational areas.
  4. Coordinate with the emergency response and emergency management in their respective operational areas.
  5. Promote intra-campus business continuity planning best practices.

Project Sponsorship

The project is sponsored by the SJSU President's Cabinet




Designated By

Ninh Pham-Hi

BCSC Chair


Robb Drury



William Nance

Office of the President

Chief of Staff

Dorothy Poole

Administration & Finance


Jaime Sanchez

University Technology Services


Terri Thames

Student Affairs


Matt Witty



Charles Whitcomb

Academic Affairs

VP & Provost



The Steering Committee will meet on a regular schedule as agreed upon by all members. Location and time may vary depending on room and member availability.

Sunset Review

The Steering Committee will review the Charter every year from the date of the founding of the Steering Committee, or upon need, to either update the charter, validate the continuation of the Steering Committee, or to arrange termination of the Charter and the Steering Committee's activities.