Fee Proposals

All campus fee proposals must be reviewed as outlined by the CSU Chancellor's Office in Executive Order (EO) 1102. This includes:

  • Establishment of new fees
  • Increases to existing fees
  • Decreases of existing fees
  • Elimination of existing fees

For details on SJSU's review process, please see Understanding Fee Types.

Preparing a fee Proposal

All fee proposals are reviewed by the CFO and Associate Vice President for Finance and require submission of the following:

  1. An Executive Summary (doc) that includes:
    • Current fee(s) with definition/identity of the fee
    • List of proposed fee(s)
    • Brief narrative as to why the new/change in fee(s) is necessary
    • References to any detailed, relevant, supporting materials included with the proposal
    • Signature of Division Vice President, plus an other signatures deemed appropriate by the Division
  2. Financial Statement (xls) that includes:
    NOTE: All Special Session Courses require a CIES Program Review Form (xls) to be completed in lieu of the Financial Statement.
    • A minimum of one full year of actual revenues and expenses. (Note: if the proposal is for a new fee, no revenues would be available so only costs would be indicated for previous year. No prior year revenues or costs would be available in the case of a new fee associated with a new course)
    • Current fiscal year estimated revenues and expenditures (if any)
    • Two fiscal years of projected revenue and expenditures for the fee supported activity
    • Number of persons served each year by category, i.e.: Students, Faculty, Staff, and/or members of the general public (if applicable)
    • A specified chartfield string where revenues are to be deposited
  3. Estimated expenses to student participating/enrolling in course in addition to the fee proposal
  4. Trust Fund Agreement:
    • If new proposal, a new Trust Fund Agreement (pdf) is needed
    • If proposal is modification to an existing fee, a copy of the existing Trust Fund Agreement must be submitted
  5. Supporting Materials:
    • Footnote and/or other reference any attachments that support/justify fee proposal
    • A list of all costs associated with course participation
  6. Electronic Copies of Fee Proposal Documentation:
    • In addition to a hard copy of the original materials with appropriate signature, an electronic copy of all documentation should be submitted to the committee chair

All final documents used in a fee proposal must be maintained on file according to the CSU Records Retention Policy.