About SJSU Contracts and Purchasing Services

Contracts & Purchasing Services' goal is to acquire (buy, lease, rent or lease-purchase) those objects our campus departments need at the lowest economical cost consistent with quality and time considerations.

Our purpose is to ensure that all conduct related to the procurement of products and services on behalf of the University is in accordance with applicable state laws and procedures set forth by the Trustees of the CSU, SJSU President's Office and SJSU Contracts & Purchasing Services. We must also ensure that in any business transaction:

  • Requirements for competition have been met
  • Negotiations have been conducted according to established policies
  • No conduct of compromise to the public trust is present

We recognize the important services rendered by our vendors in helping us to fulfill requirements in an economical and efficient manner. Vendors are welcome to make appointments with buyers.

Check our Contracts and Purchasing Services Directory and contact the appropriate buyer for the products and/or services you can provide.