Campus Visits

Buyer Visits

If you are a local vendor, you may wish to visit our campus and meet one of our Buyers to establish a business relationship.

Department Visits

In some cases, you may want to visit a campus department for marketing purposes. When planning a visit:

  • Call our campus operator at 408-924-1000 to obtain department contact information.
  • As an alternative, visit SJSU's A-Z Site Index for a list of campus departments.
  • Call ahead to make appointments.
  • Avoid visiting campus departments unannounced.

Purchasing Authority

Campus departments have minimal purchasing authority, confined strictly to SJSU procard and direct payment voucher transactions. All other purchase commitments are handled by Purchasing, which has the sole authority to sign contracts for the University.

If a situation arises where you need to clarify whether a campus requestor has the authority to place an order, contact Purchasing at 408-924-1560 for assistance.

Campus Map