Become a CMAS Contractor

A CMAS Contractor is a vendor that has been awarded a specific type of government contract called the California Multiple Award Schedule (CMAS).

A multiple award contract is one that is awarded to multiple vendors (2 or more) for the same and similar products and services at same and similar costs. Multiple award does not pertain to the number of buyers ordering from the contract, but instead, to the number of vendors receiving the award from a common bid or negotiation process.

For more information, visit The California Multiple Award Schedules (CMAS).

How does a CMAS contract work?

The CMAS Unit is a part of State of California Department of General Services Procurement Division. The CMAS Unit does not conduct a bid. Instead, the vendor offers the CMAS Unit products, services and prices from an already existing competitively assessed, cost compared multiple award contract. To these products, services and prices, the CMAS Unit adds California contract terms and conditions and procurement codes, policies and guidelines.


  1. Your company won a bid award on audio-visual products from the University of Maryland.
  2. You can then submit that already competitively bid contract along with a CMAS application to the State of California.
  3. The CMAS Unit will remove the University of Maryland's terms and conditions and add their own terms and conditions as well as their own procurement codes, policies and guidelines.
  4. CSU Buyers access DGS eProcurement to search for appropriate CMAS contracts. If substantial savings are realized through the use of your CMAS contract, then buyers will use your contract and issue purchase orders to you.

What if I don't already have a competitively bid contract to submit to the CMAS Unit?

CMAS contracts are based primarily on products, services and prices from the federal General Services Administration (GSA) multiple award schedule program, but not exclusively.

Contractors who do not own a competitively assessed, cost compared multiple award contract may offer consulting services and prices from another contractor's federal GSA schedule or non-GSA multiple award contract. In this case, forms in the application packet are used to demonstrate that the contractor is qualified to provide the consulting services offered.

The following services are not available on the CMAS program:

  • Architectural services
  • Engineering services
  • Environmental services
  • Facility planning
  • Financial audits
  • Legal services
  • Public works
  • Registered nursing
  • Security guard services

What are the advantages of being a CMAS Contractor?

You may increase your business as more CSUs and other government agencies use your CMAS contract to issue purchase orders to you.

CSU Buyers will use Find a CMAS Contract/Contractor to find applicable contracts. They are not required to obtain 3 quotations or bids for CMAS contracts that have already been competitively bid. Buyers will first consider offers from small businesses and/or DVBE's that have established CMAS contracts.

How do I become a CMAS contractor?

  1. Search the GSA eLibrary.
    • You will need to find and obtain a copy of an active Federal General Services Administration (GSA) contract that encompasses the products and/or services your firm provides.
  2. Review the CMAS Supliers/Contractors section.

How do I renew my CMAS contract?

CMAS contracts may be renewed when the base GSA contract is renewed for a period of one year or more.

The process to renew a CMAS contract is the same as the process to apply for a new contract. Review the CMAS Supliers/Contractors section.

How do I extend my CMAS contract?

CMAS contracts may be extended when the base GSA contract is extended for a period of less than a year.

The CMAS contractor must prepare a letter requesting the CMAS Unit to extend their CMAS contract based on the GSA modification. The CMAS contractor is responsible for sending the letter to the CMAS unit to request the extension.

What is the purpose of the CMAS Product and Service Codes?

The CMAS Product and Service Codes provide a tool for referencing, advertising and marketing the products and/or services available via the CMAS contract.

However, since only 12 codes can be used, CSU buyers do not assume that these codes are the only products and/or services that can be provided. Buyers may request a copy of the complete CMAS contract from the contractor to review it to determine the full extent of the products and/or services available.

Can a CMAS contractor provide products or services after the CMAS contract expires?

The Purchase Order can direct that products and/or services will be provided after the CMAS contract expires, but only if the CMAS order is issued prior to the expiration of the CMAS contract.

No new orders can be placed against an expired CMAS contract.

What information needs to be provided on the CMAS Contractor Certification?

The Contractor needs to provide:

  • GSA schedule number (that they are using as a basis for their CMAS contract).
  • GSA contractor's name.
  • GSA contract start and end dates.

This information is generally found on the 1st or 2nd pages of the GSA Schedule. This form also needs to be signed by someone within your company who is empowered to bind the firm contractually.

Why do vendors need to be registered with the Secretary of State?

In order to do business in California, all Corporations, LLCs, LLPs and LPs must be registered with the California Secretary of State.

Where can I get more information about CMAS?

Review the documents at CMAS Information for Suppliers.