Services represents many types from consultants to rentals. Please refer to table for proper method to follow for your request.



Process to Buy


  • Project Planner
  • IT Consultant
  • Recruiter
  • Web or Software Designer
  1.  Determine the type of consultant you need, by completing the Independent Contractor versus Employee Worksheet.
  2. Based on the consultant type identified after completing the worksheet, contact either Human Resources or use the Requisition process as appropriate.
  3. If a Requisition will be submitted, then upload a completed Scope of Work form along with supporting documentation in FTS.  


 Creative Arts

  • Graphic Design
  • Guest Speaker
  • Performer
  • Photography
  • Writing/Editing



  1.  Use Direct Pay process.

Note:  Contact Contracts & Purchasing Services first if the project is complex, involve copyright and ownership agreements, or have liability/insurance requirements. 

  Maintenance/Service Agreements

Annual or monthly maintenance for commodities such as:

  • Equipment, e.g., air conditioner, software, vehicles, and laboratory
  • Services, e.g., document shredding and dry cleaning for uniforms.


  1. Use the Requisition process.



  • Equipment
  • Facility/Space
  • Event Supplies




  1. Use the Requisition process.
  2. Note: For hospitality expenses such facility rental or supplies for an event, please include a completed Hospitality Expense Justification form along with your backup support in FTS. Refer to Hospitality Guidelines for more information. 




  • Equipment
  • Computer
  • Furniture/Cubicle


For general repairs under $1,000:

  1. Use the Direct Payment process.

For all others repairs:

  1. Use Requisition process.