Direct Payment Products and Services


For purchases which requires an agreement or contract, do not use the Direct Payment process. Instead, complete a Requisition in FTS and include the contract or agreement with your support backup documentation for Contracts and Purchasing Services to review. 

Products or services not allowed on the Direct Payment, can be requested using other Procurement Pathways such as a Requisition or ProCard. Visit Procurement Pathways for complete list of pathways and their guidelines.

The following is a list of allowable payments that can be made via the Direct Payment pathway: 

  • Accreditation fees
  • Advertisements
  • Athletics conference
  • Athletics game guarantees
  • Books and pre-printed materials
  • Catering by Spartan Shops
  • CIES non-credit instructors
  • ETS test fees (for Testing Center use only)
  • External Renter Proceeds (for Hammer Theatre use only) 
  • Field trip entrance fees
  • Fingerprinting fees
  • General repairs under $1,000
  • Hazardous waste disposable fee
  • Insurance premiums (for Risk Management use only)
  • Inter-library loan fees
  • JOC/Gordian program fees
  • Legal settlements
  • Mailing lists
  • Memberships
  • Refunds to non-employee/non-student
  • Services as specified:
      • Approved by CSU General Counsel
      • Game official
      • Government entities (not CSU)
      • Guest speaker
      • Medical
      • Non-resident faculty
      • Physical
      • Student non-payroll
      • Testing Center (e.g., proctor et al.)
  • Stadium rentals
  • Student Union/Event Center room and audio visual rentals
  • Subscriptions (excludes online and software services)
  • Tour arrangement fees
  • U.S. Postmaster (for Distribution Services use only)