SJSU's Contracts and Purchasing Services partnered with OfficeMax ImPress Copy and Digital Print division.  By partnering with OfficeMax for our print and document services, departments will improve their efficiencies by streamlining the order process & obtain cost savings. 

OfficeMax Copy and Digital Print core offerings:

    • Digital Color- Black & White Printing

    • Binding & Finishing

    • Books and Booklets

    • Brochures, Manuals & Catalogs

    • Collating and assemble

    • Flyers

    • Labels, Tickets & Coupons

    • Large Format Printing (Banners/Posters and Signage)

    • Lamination

    • Newsletters

    • Presentations and proposals

    •  …and much more!

Please note: OfficeMax is unable to fulfill requests for SJSU logo promotional products (e.g., t-shirts, key chains, and pens).  Complete a Requisition in FTS to request such products. For more information about requesting printing services, contact the Printing Buyer.

SJSU Official Business Stationery

In addition to providing printing services, OfficeMax is also the university's supplier for SJSU official business stationery, including business cards, letterhead, envelopes, mailing labels, and memo pads. 


Instruction Guides

Need Assistance?

If you are encountering any login/access issues on their OfficeMax website, call OfficeMax Customer Support- Phone: 877-969-6629 or email: 

For order status, contact the following:

For special requests, project consulations, program inquiries and escalations, contact the OfficeMax Printing Reporesentative, Ivan Osorio, at 510-585-7856 or .