Processed through Financial Transaction Services (FTS), the requisition pathway is used to request products and services that do not qualify for any other process.

For a detailed list of items that may be restricted to the requisition pathway, please see Procure to Pay Guidelines (PDF).

Department Responsibilities  
  • Ensuring the item being purchased through the Requisition pathway. To do so, review the Procure to Pay Guidelines.
  • Entering the Requisition in FTS, providing detailed information on the item(s)/service being requested.
  • Providing a quote/backup documentation when appropriate.

 Along with items above, the following information should be included when completing a Requisition request in FTS:

Additional Information

When processing purchase orders, buyers must enter a commodity code that correctly reflects the product and/or service being ordered. If necessary, the system will automatically change your chartfields to reflect the correct account number associated with the commodity code entered.

Purchasing will not change Chartfields once a purchase order is created in the system. For information on commonly used account codes, please see Account Definitions.

Processing Time

Once all necessary documentation is entered in FTS, the average processing time for requisitions are within two or eight weeks depending on dollar amount:

  • Less than $10,000    Two Weeks
  • Between $10,000 to $50,000   Four Weeks
  • Greater than $50,000   Six to Eight Weeks
Invoice Payment
Payment Terms

Important: An invoice uploaded to the Requisition in FTS will serve as backup documentation for the request. Invoice will not be forwarded to Accounts Payable by Contracts and Purchasing Services for payment. 

Purchase order invoices can be submitted to Accounts Payable online by the supplier or department using the e-Invoice portal. Contracts and Purchase Orders are paid within 30 days of invoice date.