Where to Begin?


University employees will work with Finance Service Group in some capacity if their role and responsibility for their department includes one or more of the following:

    • Budgeting
    • Purchasing or requesting goods/services for department.
    • Requesting payment to vendors or reimbursing employees for goods/services provided to department.
    • Monitoring or reconciling activity in department funds.
    • Shipping and receiving of mail or packages.
    • Handling cash deposits to department's account.

Employees should determine what their responsibilities are and obtain the proper training from Finance in order to gain access to the financial systems used at the university. Many of the university's financial activity and requests are communicated through the financial systems used on campus.  In addition, employees should refer to Finance policies and guidelines before making financial or purchasing decisions for their departments.  

Approving Officials (MPP level employees and Department Chairs) have the responsibility to examine and approve financial related transactions entered or requested by their staff to determine that all charges are for a valid business purpose, for the university's benefit, and not for the personal benefit of any person. For more information, refer to the Delegation of Authority for Approval of Financial Expenditures guide.

All employees should subscribe to the FinanceConnect Blog to get Finance updates on policy and process changes.