Courses for Approving Officials

Finance training is scheduled each month and conducted by a member of the Finance Support Unit. The training list below is sorted by the finance application. Enroll in a session in SJSU@Work

Finance Overview for Managers

Course No.:  FIN007
Prerequisites: None
Course Requirement:
Course Type: Presentation plus Q&A

This course provides an overview of the Approving Official's fiscal role and responsibilities, the financial systems used to request and approve transactions, and finance policies and guidelines. 

MPP level employees and department chairs are required to complete FIN007 in order to obtain access to approve departmental transactions in Financial Transaction Services

Intro to Data Warehouse

Course No.:  FIN008
Prerequisites: None
Course Requirement: Recommended
Course Type:
 Hands-on instructor led training
Who should attend: Employees who are responsible for tracking budgetary and other financial information for their departments. 

This course provides an introduction to the Finance Data Warehouse, which is used by departments to run financial reports. This course provides instruction and hands-on practice in navigation, creating reports, types of reports, and understanding the information displayed in reports. 

Important: Training is not required to obtain access to this system. However, employees are recommended to enroll in FIN008. Since this is a hands-on training, attendees must have access to Data Warehouse prior to the start of class.  To request access, please complete the System Access Request and return it to the CMS Security Group. Allow five business days to process.