Undue Burden Exception

Section 508 standards define undue burden as a product acquisition that causes significant difficulty or expense to the organization.

Even though the definition of undue burden involves expense, determining an undue burden under Section 508 Standards is very difficult because the resources of the entire CSU system may be considered, not just your department budget.

To initiate the determination of whether an E&IT product or service qualifies as an undue burden, you must submit both of the following forms:

  • Request for Undue Burden Exception for Section 508 Compliance Form (pdf)
  • E&IT Exceptions Documentation for Section 508 Compliance Form (pdf)
  • E&IT Procurement Checklist
  • Requisition

The Section 508 Compliance Specialist will review your request and forward a recommendation to President Whitmore and your Division Vice President. The President will have the final authority to approve or disapprove your undue burden request.

If an undue burden is approved, it is important to note that by statutory obligations, you must still provide an Alternative Means of Access to persons with disabilities.