Blanket Orders


Using only one purchase order for the entire year is the most efficient way to pay for multiple purchases from the same vendor.

If you expect to need products and/or services from the same vendor more than once or twice during the fiscal year, please submit a Requisition for a blanket purchase order.

Note:  Prior to submitting a Requisition, review the Procurement Pathways for alternative purchasing methods of products/services.  For example, most supplies and equipment can be purchased with the use of the ProCard.

Blanket Orders are primary source agreements designed to accommodate campus needs on an on-going basis for a specified period of time. They usually specify:

  • Category of products and/or services that can be purchased
  • Maximum dollar amount
  • Time period based on the fiscal year (July 1st through June 30th)

For more information, also see our Negative Confirmation Policy.