Catering Policy


Catering/food service is considered a hospitality expense and must comply with Hospitality Guidelines. A completed Hospitality Expense Justification form is required to be included with all Procurement Pathway requests.

Spartan Shops is the preferred campus caterer, with a professional culinary staff that can customize amazing restaurant quality menu items to the campus community. Spartan Shops has a number of food providers to choose from:

Spartan Shops



Type of Food Available

Spartan Catering Rose Hunter
(408) 924-1756 PH
Full menu - breakfast, lunch, receptions, breaks
Flying Pizza (Village Market) Shannon Lehman
(408) 795-5694 PH
Hand tossed pizza, chicken wings, cookies
Subway (Student Union) *Temporarily closed due to construction* Sandwiches
Jamba Juice Chris Pedroza
(408) 924-1754 PH
Smoothies, juices, and healthy snacks
Panda Express (Student Union) Chris Pedroza
(408) 924-1754 PH
Chinese food
Just Below (MacQuarrie Hall) Lura Noyes
(408) 924-1755 PH
Breakfast, sandwiches, Pastries, Peet's Coffee


SJSU requires insurance documentation and health certificates from all caterers that provide on-campus catering services. For this reason, all caterers must be pre-approved by SJSU.

If you wish to hire a caterer other than Spartan Shops for a campus event, please contact Luis Garcia in Contract and Purchasing Services at (408) 924-1559 for approval.