Cost Recovery Other CSU's

The CSU uses the Cash Posting Order (CPO) as its standard mechanism for cost recovery between campuses (including the Chancellor's Office). Instead of invoicing Campus B for expenses Campus A has incurred on its behalf, Campus A simply submits a CPO to the Chancellor's Office. The Chancellor's Office then notifies the bank used by the CSU to move cash from Campus B's account to Campus A's account.

The campus department receiving the funds is the one who initiates the CPO request and submits the form to their campus Accounting Office. To begin a CPO request, download the current CPO Request Form and fill out the following sections on the first tab of the form. (The second tab provides a sample CPO Request.)

  • 1b Request Date - Enter today's date.
  • 2a CPO Requestor/Contact– Enter your contact information.
  • 3a CPO Subject Line – Enter a title that will be used to identify this CPO transaction on all reports.
  • 3b CPO Detailed Description – Enter a description of the CPO's purpose.
  • 5a CPO Transfer Information– Description 1, 2, 3 – Enter up to three different descriptions to provide additional detail information or further break down the transfer amounts as needed. Enter the dollar amount being transferred to/from each campus for each column: a positive amount for the campus receiving the funds and a negative amount for the campus remitting the funds.
  • 5b CPO Transfer Information– Campus Contact – Enter the information for the contact person at the other campus who should be notified when their campus accounting department receives the CPO.
  • 7 Internal Accounting Instructions- Enter your Chartfield values to ensure the transaction is recorded correctly.

When you are through, save the form as an Excel 97-2003 workbook (extension .xls), using a filename that briefly describes the request. Do not save the file in Office 2007 format (extension .xlsx), as this will strip the file of all the embedded macros needed to create the CPO package. Send the file as an attachment to the Accountant in charge of chargebacks/cost recovery accounts (see Accounting Services Staff by Name). Also attach documentation (such as an MOU, travel claim, conference registration sign-up sheet, etc.) showing that the charge is legitimate and has been authorized by the other campus(es). Please contact the Accountant if you have any questions about this process.

Note:  In most cases, expenses to be reimbursed from other CSU campuses should be recorded in fund 77011 and your department's deptID (no project is required). The cost recovery will be recorded in the same fund. If the expense was recorded in another fund, you must process an Expense Journal in Financial Transaction Services to move it to 77011.