Campus Events


Examples of campus events include:

    • Music and Dance Concerts
    • Conferences
    • Intramural Sports
    • Youth Activities
    • Athletic Camps
    • Academic Ceremonies (e.g., convocation)
    • Debates
    • Academic Competitions
    • Workshops

In the case of campus events, an important “ownership” determination must be made, which will guide where event revenues will be deposited. Any time a campus event is hosted by an academic unit, the activity is deemed owned by SJSU and all revenues and expenses should be run through San José State. However, when an individual faculty member serves as conference chair or coordinates meetings of an external professional association, the activity is deemed owned by the Research Foundation, which has been charged with offering professional conferences on the university’s behalf. In the case of events hosted by administrative or student services units, all campus events are considered owned by SJSU.

Revenues from campus events are generally deposited into a miscellaneous trust fund (65XXX). The SJSU Miscellaneous Trust Fund (65183) may be used for infrequent or small-value activities without any preparation. Please contact the Accounting Services department regarding which account code to use for these deposits.