Sales of Goods and Services from Educational Activities


Formal instruction is occasionally supplemented to ensure students receive a quality educational experience. Additional services, activities and laboratory experiences may be needed to supplement traditional instructional offerings. Examples of educationally-related activities might include publishing newspapers or magazines, producing agricultural products, or providing technical services. In some cases, these activities may be ongoing and reach a scale that requires dedicated staff support. At this point, they become established campus activities.

The revenues from these activities should be deposited to a San José State trust fund (not an auxiliary). For infrequent or small-value activities, the SJSU Miscellaneous Trust Fund (65183) may be used without any preparation by a campus unit. Larger activities may require a dedicated fund – the University Budget Office can provide guidance for these situations. Revenues from Educational Activities should be deposited to account code 580020 – Sales & Services of Educational Activities.

Some key things to remember when providing services for a fee:

    • Accounting Services will prepare your customer invoices. Instructions for providing billing information are listed on their website. Units should not prepare bills.
    • Check with Risk Management  (part of Human Resources) to ensure the university’s insurance coverage extends to the activity – we want to keep our students, faculty and staff protected!
    • Contact the Contracts & Purchasing Services Manager if any non-routine goods or services will be acquired to support the activity so she can provide guidance on procurement pathways.
    • The Bursar’s Office offers e-Market Storefronts that allow customers to pay online with a credit card.