Student Success, Excellence and Technology Fee (SSETF) Information

2017/18 - 2018/19 Biennial Call for SSETF Funds

Budget planning is under way for the use of SSETF Student Success and SSETF IRA funding for the biennial funding cycle. Please see the forms below for information regarding the call for funding, submitting requests, and allocation/expenditure procedures.

Student Success, Excellence and Technology Fees

Fiscal Year

SSETF Semester Fee


Academic Year Rate

(excluding Summer)


Summer 2016
Course Support
Student Success



Fall 2016
Course Support
Student Success

Spring 2017
Course Support
Student Success



Summer 2015


Fall 2015
Course Support
Student Success

Spring 2016
Course Support
Sudent Success



Summer 2014


Fall 2014
SSETF - Course Support 
SSETF - Student Success
Spring 2015
SSETF - Course Support 
SSETF - Student Success


Summer 2013


Fall 2013
Spring 2014


Fall 2012



Spring 2013



Student Success, Excellence and Technology Fee 2016/17

The 2016/17 Student Success, Excellence, and Technology Fee (SSETF) rate remains unchanged from prior year amounts with the exception of a 2% inflationary adjustment based on the change in Higher Education Price Index (HEPI).

In January of 2016, Interim President Susan Martin approved the Campus Fee Advisory Committee's Recommendation for Biennial Funding of the programs listed below.  A biennial funding call was both appropriate and necessary because the SSETF fee rates for 15/16 were not decided until very late into the spring, 2016 semester after extensive consultation with the campus community.  IT Services also received continuation funding to complete their Telepresence Enhanced Learning Spaces Upgrades.


Campus leadership is presently evaluating the timing for a "Fall Call" for SSETF proposals for the 2017/18 Academic Year.  More information is forthcoming.

Student Success, Excellence and Technology Fee 2015/16

Dear Campus Community,

I’m writing with an update on plans for the Student Success and Excellence in Technology Fee (SSETF) in 2015-16.

Some of you will recall recent changes our campus made to “unbundle” the fee into three parts to more clearly and transparently convey how fees are structured and used to support students. As part of the unbundling process, President Qayoumi reduced the SSETF by $20 per term to $295 per semester.

Since the fee was unbundled and reduced in 2014, Associated Students (AS) has engaged in dialogue with students and campus leadership to solidify the fee rate.  After much discussion, consultation and planning, no future increases are planned for any component of the unbundled student success fee with the exception of a provision that allows for a three percent annual inflation adjustment.  The inflation adjustment for 2015/16 is $9 per term.

Here is a breakdown of the “unbundled” fees per term in 2015-16: 

Course Support:                                          $  31.00
Instructionally Related Activities:                   $151.50
Student Success:                                         $121.50
TOTAL SSETF:                                             $304.00

The fee remains well below the amount authorized in 2012 by the CSU and is consistent with the sentiments of nearly sixty (60%) percent of students who, based on a survey of students commissioned by AS, supported keeping the fee stable or raising it to fund additional programs.

It is important to acknowledge that these fees impose an additional financial burden on students. At the same time, they make it possible to offer an array of programs valued by a majority of students, some of which make it possible for students to graduate sooner and thus save them money in the long run.

We have created a document with answers to basic questions about student success fees, and will provide details on submitting funding proposals soon.


Josee Larochelle
Interim Vice President for Administration and Finance


Questions and Answers About the 2015-16 Student Success, Excellence and Technology Fee


Reduction of the Student Success, Excellence and Technology Fee for FY 14/15

On May 15, 2014, President Mohammad H. Qayoumi announced a reduction of the Student Success, Excellence & Technology Fee:


San Jose State University, in consultation with elected student leaders, announced today fundamental changes to the Student Success, Excellence and Technology Fee. With these changes, the university will sustain its commitment to all existing student support programs while implementing a fee reduction for the 2014-15 academic year.

This semester was a good time to re-consider this fee, which we introduced two years ago. We had very productive discussions with student leaders and we will continue to welcome input from the university community.

Here are the changes students should expect this fall:

  • The Student Success, Excellence and Technology Fee will be “unbundled.” This means it will be split into three components: the Instructionally Related Activities Fee ($147), Course Support Fee ($30), and Student Success Fee ($118).
  • When combined, the total of the three fees will be $295 for fall 2014, equivalent to the fall 2013 rate and well below the $375 rate originally set for fall 2014.
  • This change will clarify the purpose of each fee and facilitate comparisons with other CSU campuses.

Here is how the changes will impact programming and oversight:

  • Revenue from these fees will allow San Jose State to support all existing programs and several new proposals for 2014-15.
  • Athletics will continue to receive support through the Instructionally Related Activities Fee. This was the case previous to the introduction of the SSETF, which incorporated the IRA.
  • Associated Students, the Academic Senate and the divisions of Student Affairs and Academic Affairs will share oversight of these fees.

A few weeks ago, elected student leaders proposed holding a student poll to obtain feedback on the appropriate amounts for these fees. The administration voiced support for this approach. However, student leaders felt garnering sufficient student feedback was unrealistic at this point in the semester due to competing priorities such as final exams, graduation, employment, and housing.

Nicholas Ayala, Associated Students of SJSU president, shared with me that “Students have the right to know what their fees are paying for and unbundling the Student Success, Excellence and Technology Fee will improve this needed transparency. Our interest in the future of this fee is what is in the best interest of all San Jose State students. In order to make an informed recommendation, there must be adequate time for students to be educated and weigh in on this decision.”


Mohammad Qayoumi


Project Outcome Report Process


The Vice President for Administration and Finance has extended the due date for biennial SSETF proposals.  The due date for submission is now FridayNovember 13th.  Please plan accordingly.



Background of SSETF

Collection of the SSETF commenced with the Fall 2012 term (Executive Order 1078). As a mandatory student fee that applies to all students, SJSU is obligated to ensure the revenues collected are used in ways that were detailed in the fee proposal and conveyed through open forums held in Spring 2012. Details about the six priorities supported by the SSETF, along with information about the Advisory Committee, Annual Resource Request Process and additional topics are available below. 

For the complete guide on SSETF procedures or to print 2014/15 SSETF Allocation and Expenditures Procedures (PDF)

To view a presentation from Associate Vice President, Finance to UCCD on February 12, 2014 click here: UCCD SSETF Presentation (PDF)

Click here to view 2014/15 Budget process information.

Purpose of SSETF

This SSETF will be used for three purposes. First, the SSETF shall subsume all existing Category III miscellaneous course fees (except for field trip fees) and the Instructionally Related Activities (IRA) fees.

Second, the SSETF shall provide enhanced and comprehensive support for Student Academic Success Services and Student Athlete Success Services to improve graduation and retention rates of all students (including under-represented minority students) by implementing a variety of evidence-based, best practice student support and High Impact Practice (HIP) programs. This additional funding to support student success and excellence will be imperative in order to address SJSU's retention and graduation rates which currently lag slightly below the system average.

Third, the SSETF shall be used to deepen and strengthen student learning by providing innovative and effective technology-enabled learning experiences for students. In the last five to ten years, the variety and number of new academic technology applications have exploded and are beginning to show research-based positive gains in student engagement and deeper learning. These new technologies were never formally budgeted into university baseline budgets in the past, so increasing technology funds for students and faculty to have access to these new technologies is critically important.

SSETF Alternative Consultation Materials

Per Executive Order 1102 the Chancellor has delegated authority for the establishment, oversight and adjustment of Campus Mandatory Fees.

The Chancellor has authorized SJSU SSETF per Executive Order 1078.

For materials related to the fee proposal, please refer to the following: