Journal Transfers, Payments & Adjustments


Use the SJSU Financial Transaction Services (FTS) for entering journal transfers, payments and adjustments as described below. 

Access to FTS is granted by Administrative Applications Office after required courses are completed. See FTS for more information about access and training.

Expense Journal (WE)

Used to move expense that has been posted or in the process of being posted from one ChartField to another when both are under your control. Not to be used to transfer salaries or benefits (use HR Expense Adjustment).

Budget Journal (WB)

Used for moving budget money from one ChartField (other than Fund) to another when both are under your control. Transfers of budget should not be used to reimburse expenditures. For more information, contact the Budget & Risk Management.

Interdepartmental Expense Transfer (WI)

Used for transferring expenses from ChartFields within your control to ChartFields outside of your control.  The department being charged (debited) must initiate the transfer request.

Hospitality Payment (WH)

Used to pay another department for products and/or services you received. You would be the Payor and the department you are paying would be the Payee. Also see Chargebacks.  The Payor must initiate the payment request.

Do not enter a Hospitality Payment to pay an auxiliary (Associated Students, Research Foundation, Spartan Shops, Student Union, and Tower Foundation). Auxiliaries are considered outside entities and payments to them are processed by Accounts Payable. Refer to Procurement Pathways for the proper method to request payment to an auxiliary.

Note: Hospitality payments are not to be confused with SJSU Hospitality Guidelines regarding what can and cannot be paid with state funds when hosting an SJSU event or entertaining guests of SJSU.

HR Expense Adjustment

Used for an after-the-fact adjustment to ChartFields used for payroll (e.g., to credit Work Study funds and move the funds to Student Assistant).