Past Award Recipients

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The Stellar Spartan Award (prior to fall 2010 known as the service group Core Value Award) is the highest level of recognition of the Finance service group. Employees awarded this honor have demonstrated professionalism and a dedication to excellence in service. The employees recognized have performed above the standard to improve programs, service, quality, or the image of the Finance service group.

We congratulate the following award recipients:

Fall 2016

  • Individual: Sarah Tamargo, Accouting Services; Sue Ellen Nicdao, Bursar's Office.
  • Team (OnBase): Amy Chan, Jas Singh, Shauna Rios, Finance Support; Kim Gamblin, Accounts Payable; Barb Keltner, Contracts & Purchasing.

Spring 2016

  • Individual: Barb Keltner, Contracts & Purchasing; Gloria Sotelo, Accounts Payable.
  • Team (Accounts Payable): Gloria Sotelo, Jean Muroya, Kim Gamblin, Maggie DeLaMare, and Sara Tipton.
  • Team (Collections Team): Amanda Johnson, Christian Marin, Julie Ferreira, and Kenda Seeley.

Fall 2015

  • Individual: Helen Lau, Accounting Services.
  • Team (Campus Marketplace): Barb Keltner, Contracts & Purchasing; Sara Tipton, Accounts Payable; Amy Chan, Finance Support.
  • Team (Accounting Services): Carmen Cayago, Daisy Phan, Juanita Ceniza, Lixia Hou, Malou Manalo, Shirley Wen, Joanne Cao, Sarah Tamargo, and Zaheda Shaikh.

Spring 2015

  • Individual: Kim Gamblin, Accounts Payable; Lixia Hou, Accounting Services.
  • Team (Distribution Services): Andrew Meneses, Jason Skarbek, and Phil Perez.

Fall 2014

  • Individual: Sara Perez, Accounts Payable; Pearl Bethel, Budget Office; Juanita Ceniza, Accounting Services; Joel Crowley, Distribution Services.
  • Team (Spartan Activities): Kenda Seeley & Laura Plunkett, Bursar's Office.

Spring 2014

  • Individual: Kenda Seeley, Bursar's Office; Betty Jo Alexander, Bursar's Office, Amanda Johnson, Bursar's Office; Zaheda Saikh, Accounting Services
  • Team (CFS 9.2 Upgrade): Carmen Cayago, Daisy Phan, Juanita Ceniza, Lixia Hou, Regina Villanueva,Shirley Wen, Zaheda Shaikh, Accounting Services; Alicia Wagner, Gloria Sotelo, Jean Muroya, Kim Gamblin, Linda May, Maggie DeLaMere, Sara Tipton Perez, Accounts Payable; Amy Chan, Andrew Nguyen, Cecilia Hoang, Linda Loucks, Shauna Rios, Finance Support; Barb Keltner, Karen McCall, Luis Garcia, Rosario Micu, Thomas Ballinger, Contracts & Purchasing; Pearl Bethel, University Budget Office.

Fall 2013

  • Individual: Thomas Ballinger, Contracts & Purchasing
  • Team (FTS Testers): Amy Chan, Cecilia Hoang; Finance Support

Spring 2013

  • Individual:  Linda May, Accounts Payable
  • Individual: Amanda Johnson, Bursar's Office
  • Team (CSU Rollback of Tuition Fees): Bobbie Seiler, Satish Patel, Lynn Tong, Tracy Fant, Long Nguyen, Lourdes Atienza, Patti Burford, Kenda Seeley, Amanda Johnson, Dolores Lorigo, Betty Jo Alexander, Andrew Nguyen, Sue Ellen Nicdao, Herschel Juinio, John Hardin, Bursar's Office
  • Team (The Asset Management Implementation Team): Ruben Araiza, Ron Ha, Daisy Phan

Fall 2012

  • Individual: Pearl Bethel, University Budget Office
  • Individual: Regina Villanueva, Accounting
  • Team (OU Campus Web Committee):  Andres Nguyen, Betty Jo Alexander, Satish Patel, Long Nguyen, Jenna Reeds, Bursar's Office

Spring 2012

  • Individual: Betty Jo Alexander, Bursar's Office
  • Team (Department Organization Change Process): Andrew Nguyen, Bursar's Office; Elaine Lee, Shirley Wen, Accounting Services; Shauna Rios, Amy Chan, Finance; Marna Genes, Pearl Bethel, University Budget Office; Linda Loucks, Administrative Applications
  • Team (FTS Travel Testers): Maggie De La Mere, Linda May, Accounts Payable; Shauna Rios, Amy Chan, Finance; Cecilia Hoang, Administrative Applications

Fall 2011

  • Individual: Satish Patel, Bursar's Office
  • Individual: Ana Harris, Finance
  • Team (Direct Pay/Employee Reimbursement Implementation Team): Sara Perez, Pauline Yanez, Gloria Sotelo, Linda May, Brian Fontes, Jean Muroya, Ana Gonzalez, Accounts Payable; Leon Nguyen, Administrative Systems

Spring 2011

  • Individual: Katie Hill, Administrative Applications
  • Team (GL Conversion - Extra Effort): Trang To, Accounting Services; Daisy Phan, Accounting Services

Fall 2010

  • Individual: Dan Linder, Administrative Applications
  • Team(Workflow Automation): Ryan Campbell, CMP Project Office; Thomas Ballinger, Purchasing; Jerry Crawford, Administrative Technology
  • Team (CashNet Implementation): Marlene Trifilo, Bursar's Office; Andrew Nguyen, Bursar's Office; Chau Tran, Bursar's Office; Satish Patel, Bursar's Office; Michael Peth, Purchasing; Jerry Crawford, Administrative Technology; Chris Bradford, Administrative Technology; Regina Villanueva, Accounting Services; Zaheda Shaikh, Accounting Services; Peter Pham, Administrative Applications

Spring 2010

  • Individual: Betty Jo Alexander, Bursar's Office
  • Individual: Tiana Marquez, Bursar's Office
  • Team (Surplus Property Process): Amy Chan, Purchasing; Ruben Araiza, Property; Shauna Rios, Finance & Administrative Technology

Fall 2009

  • Individual: Chau Tran, Bursar's Office
  • Individual: Amy Chan, Purchasing
  • Team Year-End Assistance): Bonnie King, Accounts Payable; Pearl Bethel, Debbie Dills, Linh Ong, Budget Office
  • Team (Admission Impaction Process): James Anderson, Katie Hill, Rashmi Kumar, Dana Linder, Administrative Applications; Marilyn Radisch, CMS Project Office