Application Requirements and Due Dates

Application Requirements

  • Submit a new fee waiver form each semester. 
  • Ensure that all forms are filled in completely and have all the appropriate signatures. Unfortunately, incomplete forms cannot be processed and will be returned to the employee.
  • Ensure that your supervisor signs the Use of the State Time Approval section even if you do not use State time to attend classes.
  • In order to continue in the Fee Waiver Program, you or your dependent needs to maintain good standing academically, which means a:
    • average or better for undergraduate students
    • average or better for graduate students
  • Grades are audited each semester. Unfortunately, if you allow your grades to fall below good academic standing, you will be dropped from the program.

Due Dates

The due dates listed below are for students attending SJSU only. If you or your dependent is attending another CSU, you must check with them for their due dates.

SJSU deadlines for the Staff Fee Waiver Program are determined each semester based on fee payment deadlines set by SJSU Bursar's Office. Submit fee waiver applications to Human Resources (0046) or email to

It is necessary to meet deadlines for Admissions & Records, Student Financial Aid and Bursar's Office due dates for processing.

Spring 2015:   Payment Due Dates
Housing/Reg Charges
Post to Acct
Due Date
Fee Waiver Due Date
Advance Registration
Nov 4—Jan 19
Nov 4—Dec 8  Dec 14 Dec 1
Dec 9—Jan 7 Jan 13 Dec 22
Jan 8—Jan 19 Feb 13 Jan 30
No Registration Activity 
Jan 20 - Jan 21 Feb 13 Jan 30
Late Registration Jan 22 - Feb 10
 Jan 22 - Feb 10 Feb 13  Jan 30