Health Care Reimbursement Account


The CSU Health Care Reimbursement Account (HCRA) is a voluntary benefit which allows you to pay for eligible out-of-pocket health and dental expenses with pretax dollars for yourself and your dependents. Dependents are defined as individuals for whom over half their support is received from the employee, including a spouse, a domestic partner, children, stepchildren, siblings, stepsiblings, parents, stepparents, in-laws or other individuals residing in the home of the employee.

All employees are eligible to establish a health care reimbursement account. There is a 60 day window for new hires. Enrollment during Open Enrollment is for the following calendar year, and employees must re-enroll each year. Mid-year changes or enrollments are possible only if an allowable status change, such as gaining or losing a dependent, occurs.

Contributions are deducted from the monthly paycheck before taxes are calculated. The minimum monthly deduction is $20.00, and the maximum deduction allowable is $212.50, for maximum of $2,550 per year. Contribution amounts must be carefully calculated, as any money left after all claims have been submitted for a plan year will be forfeited. There is a $1.00 administrative fee per month, deducted after taxes.

Reimbursement is obtained by submission of a claim form, available from Application Software Inc. Flex (ASIFlex). Claims may be submitted up until June 30 of the following year for services provided during the program year. ASI makes reimbursement payment three times a month; employees may choose direct deposit of payments.

Eligible expenses are those which are medically necessary but not covered by an employee's insurance plan. They may be incurred by either the employee or the employee's dependents, as defined above. They include costs such as co-payments and deductibles.

For more information, see the Health Care Reimbursement Account Brochure(requires SJSUOne/CSU login)