Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

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LifeMatters by Empathia

When you or your family need useful ideas, lifestyle coaching, helpful resources or reliable professional care, LifeMatters, your EAP and WorkLife Service, is just a phone call away. Free, confidential LifeMatters services include:

Emotional Wellbeing - Addictions (.pdf), Mental Health, Stress Management (.pdf), The Power of Resilience (.pdf), Grief and Loss

Family Life - Adoption, Domestic Violence, Child Care, Elder Care (.pdf), Communication Tips for Parents (.pdf), Baby Welcome Program

Health - Health Tips, Nutrition and Exercise, Tobacco Cessation (.pdf)

Workplace - Coping with Change (.pdf), Job Loss, Professional Skill Development

Financial - Budgeting, Estate & Retirement Planning, Identity Theft, Taxes

Legal Consultation - Consumer Law, Divorce & Child Custody, Legal Forms, Wills & Estates

The LifeMatters website offers educational information, self-service options, and interactive tools. Log on to LifeMatters and enter password: spartans

Employee Assistance Program - (800)-367-7474