Employee Off Boarding

When an employee leaves your department, whether separating from the University or just transferring across campus, several steps must be followed prior the employee’s last day.

      • Collect a letter of resignation from the employee
      • Collect keys and University equipment
      • Collect passwords to phones and computers
      • Print an Employee Profile from PeopleSoft (MySJSU)and provide the date of termination (the first day they are no longer in the department); attach the resignation letter
      • Approve employee’s absences in PeopleSoft (MySJSU)
      • Have the employee complete an Employee Clearance Form (.pdf)

For employees leaving the University, an exit interview will be scheduled with an Employee Services Representative in Human Resources. During this meeting, we will:

      • Provide a confidential exit survey
      • Provide forms regarding retirement contributions and/or COBRA information
      • Collect the completed clearance form