FAQs - Recruitment Process

Q: How do I post a vacant position?

A: Complete and submit a Request to Recruit through eRecruit.

For more detailed information, contact a Workforce Planning Analyst.


Q: How long will it take to fill a position?

A: The majority of recruitments close within 90 days. It depends on factors such as:

* Pool of applicants
* Hiring department completing necessary forms and documentation
* Hiring department decision on candidate to hire

Workforce Planning will make every effort to assure an efficient and effective recruitment.


Q: Must the job be posted for two weeks?

A: Two weeks is the generally accepted minimum recruitment period.

This posting period is frequently determined by bargaining unit agreements and/or generally accepted practices in the CSU system.


Q: Is recruitment information confidential?

A: Yes. Nothing is more fundamental to the selection process than confidentiality of information. Confidentiality protects the process, identities and relative ranking of individual applicants.

Confidentiality requires that committee members refrain from discussing the status of any application, information learned from any document and information learned during the interview. This information is privileged even after the search is over and the employee is hired. The information is not for public disclosure.

Each committee member is viewed as an agent of the University. During the selection process, it is important to prevent a liability for the University or for individuals. Members who disclose privileged information run the risk of involving themselves and/or the University in a lawsuit involving a tort action.