Main Campus Map

Located on 154 acres, the main campus has more than 50 major buildings (23 academic buildings, 7 residence halls) on 19 city blocks in downtown San Jose.


Abbr Name Location
ADM Administration B2
ART Art Building C3
ASH Associated Students House D1
BBC Boccardo Business Complex C4
BT Business Tower C4
CAR Career Center B2
CC Computer Center B2
CCB Central Classroom Building C2
CL Clark Hall B2
CP Cooling Plant C4
CVA Campus Village A D4
CVB Campus Village B D4
CVC Campus Village C D4
CV2 Campus Village 2 D4
CYA Corporation Yard A B4
CYB Corporation Yard B B4
DC Dining Commons D3
DMH Dudley Moorhead Hall B2
DH Duncan Hall D1
DBH Dwight Bentel Hall C2
ENG Engineering Building B3
EC Event Center C3
FOB Faculty Offices C2
HB Health Building C4
HGH Hugh Gillis Hall B1
IS Industrial Studies B4
IRC Instructional Resource Center B2
JWH Joe West Hall D4
KING Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library B1
MH MacQuarrie Hall D2
MOD F Modular F B4
100A Modular 100A B4
100B Modular 100B B4
MD Morris Dailey Auditorium B2
MUS Music Building C3
SCI Science Building C1
SPXC Spartan Complex Central C2
SPXE Spartan Complex East C2
SPM Spartan Memorial C1
SRAC Student Recreation and Aquatic Center D3
SWC Student Wellness Center C2
SSC Student Services Center A4
SU Diaz Compean Student Union B3
SH Sweeney Hall D2
TH Tower Hall B2
UPD University Police Department D2
WSH Washburn Hall D3
WSQ Washington Square Hall C1
YUH Yoshihiro Uchida Hall C1

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Food and Coffee

Abbr Name Location
CVB Campus Village B D4
KING Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library B1
MH MacQuarrie Hall D2
SU Student Union B3


Abbr Name Location
EC Event Center C3
KING Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library B1

Other Locations

Abbr Name Location
BK Bookstore B3
CH Concert Hall C3
ASP AS Print Shop B3
UT University Theatre B1