A service group of the Administration & Finance Division, our primary objective is in support of campus programs. FD&O blends industry best practice, energy efficiency, and University Sustainability efforts to proudly serve our diverse campus community.



The University is initiating a new campus master plan to implement Transformation 2030. This plan will address physical development for the main and south campuses as well as the University’s off-campus properties and connections with the City of San José through 2040. 
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Silicon Valley Water Conservation Award Winner

In response to the growing threat of extended droughts, a coalition of water agencies,  business networks and conservation groups came together in 2009 to establish the Silicon  Valley Water Conservation Awards. San Jose State University has won the 2018 award for  an organization in Silicon Valley. Here is the press release:

News Release - 2018 Water Award Winners [pdf]


Construction Notice

As a safety precaution, please do not enter into the designated construction zones within the fencing shown. If you have any questions or concerns about the ongoing construction, please contact FD&O at (408) 924-1990. For construction fencing locations download 

2021 Construction Traffic Map [pdf]


Sustainability Report

The annual SJSU Sustainability Report is complete for the FY 17/20. The report includes a message from the President and covers the following areas: Academics, Campus and Public Engagement, Buildings, Energy and Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Landscaping, Purchasing and Procurement, Transportation, Waste Management, Water, and Spartan Shops. 

Annual Sustainability Report - FY 17/20 [pdf]