Construction, Minor Renovations or Remodels

Construction Services

Construction Services are provided by all Building Trades with larger projects contracted out and managed by members of this group. The Construction Services group also develops drawings, plans and specifications for minor remodel work. Maintenance, inspections, and compliance for all campus fire extinguishers and elevator and conveying equipment are also managed by this group.

Trades Group: Carpenter Services

The Carpenter Shop serves the campus community by repairing, assembling and installing department assets and responding to emergencies, such as broken windows and doors. This shop is also responsible for a broad range of skilled activities, including building, remodeling, maintaining and repairing various types of facilities and structures.

The following is a list of some of the services provided by this shop:

  • Building of furniture, bookcases, shelves, counters, and benches
  • Hanging pictures, corkboards, whiteboards
  • Hanging doors and installing windows
  • Repair/Replacement of broken glass
  • Furniture, door, and window repair
  • Remodels and renovations - non-maintenance
  • Roof repairs and maintenance
  • Ceiling tile/grid installation and repair
  • Floor tile installation and repair
  • Road, sidewalk, and concrete repairs
  • ADA and Braille signage design, fabrication and installation
  • Metal fabrication and repairs

Trades Group: Paint Shop

The Paint Shop is responsible for painting interior and exterior surfaces, wallboard finishing, plastering, and specialty surfaces. Assist the shops by staining and finishing cabinetry and newly constructed furniture.

The following is a list of some of the services provided by this shop:

  • Painting of building interior and exterior surfaces
  • Painting of rails and posts
  • Finishing and plastering on a variety of surfaces
  • Graffiti removal and abatement
  • Bench maintenance
  • Cabinet and door refinishing

Minor Renovations /Remodels

Minor renovations do not require any changes to the actual building structure and have a value less than $400,000.00. These projects can involve painting, interior finishes, carpeting, flooring, cabinetry, refacing, sinks, faucets, windows, window coverings, doors, frames, system furniture, interior partitions, HVAC equipment, electrical components and rough-ins.

Minor remodels are projects that can involve changes to the actual building structure and have a value more than $400,000.00. These projects can involve roofs, doors, windows, elevators and conveying systems, HVAC equipment, electrical components and rough-ins, plumbing fixtures and rough-ins, fire protection systems. Built-in equipment, foundations, vertical elements, horizontal elements, room conversions, installation or removal of walls, installation or removal of doors.

Anyone wishing to initiate a renovation or remodel should begin the process by entering a Service Request through the i-Service web link.