Custodial and Recycling

Custodial Services

Service Schedule(s)

Custodial services is broken down into (3) shift operations, days, swing, and nights. These three independent shifts provide 24/7 campus coverage with specific services to customers.

General Cleaning Services

Custodial cleaning services are broken down by specific standard(s) for both our Martin Luther King, Jr. Library and main campus locations for all cleaning

General Cleaning Frequency

Custodial cleaning frequency's are divided into normal daily services, 2 or 3 times weekly, weekly, and monthly services in meeting general campus needs.


Campus restrooms are thoroughly cleaned daily, generally, during nightshift operations. Several buildings receive additional refresh services (paper products, trash) during day and swing shift. Services may also be requested by submitting a service request.


All building campus exterior windows are cleaned every (3) years, contingent upon funding availability. General cleaning standards provides for all other areas weekly and annually.

Floor Care

General floor care for all surfaces is conducted yearly based upon department review. In addition, floor care is provided in public areas of buildings, as needed, to maintain a clean and inviting environment.

Project Work

Project work consists of "other" than general cleaning frequency's. Custodial services can provide additional services through general service requests and customer charge back.

Light Changes

Custodial services operations provides bulb changes for all building locations where the ceiling does not exceed (8) feet, as needed. Additional services are provided through the Facilities Electric Shop

Trash and Recycling Removal

Campus building locations have trash removed daily by shift. Recycling services in custodial operations are designed to enhance and support general recycling requirements.

Pest Control

Pest control services are provided through both Main and South campus Grounds Operations.

Recycling Services

Recycling Services is tasked with developing and implementing a comprehensive waste and recycling program. Working collaboratively with the campus community, this unit oversees areas of waste prevention, recycling, recycled product research, public education and campus recycling procedures.

A plan has been developed to comply with all federal, state, and local statutes and regulations governing solid waste issues. Facilities Management has been charged with oversight for compliance with AB75 and SB1016.

Facilities Management has been instrumental in making this program successful with a current waste diversion of approximately 88.7%.

Information on San Jose State's waste reduction and recycling programs can be found on our Recycling and Waste Reduction page.

For questions regarding recycling and waste reduction at SJSU contact or call (408) 924-1929.